New MOON KNIGHT Teaser Reveals Marc Spector’s Personalities

Although  Hawkeye did introduce Kate Bishop to the world, it did so with the help of an old familiar Avenger. The upcoming series Moon Knight promises to be the first Disney+ Marvel show that brings us an all-new hero (at least, mostly, in his own right). This means we get to see a brand new Marvel origin story for Moon Knight and we get to see it in a TV show format. That’s pretty exciting. Six episodes mean we can spend a lot of time with Moon Knight, which is great because Moon Knight actually brings us several different characters at once. Moon Knight‘s latest teaser gives us a look at how this tale weaves together Marc Spector’s different personalities.

It looks like we’ll be making use of mirrors, windows, and reflections of all kinds to tell Moon Knight’s story. On the one hand, we have the tale of Marc Spector, who in the comics is resurrected by an Egyptian god, Khonshu. In exchange for his life, Spector becomes Khonshu’s champion on Earth. On the other, we have Steven Grant, who clearly has no idea this other side of him exists. And seems in way over his head. Poor guy, we wish we could tell him that he’s James Bond. But the truth has many more complications. But at the very least, this teaser trailer reveals how Moon Knight’s different personalities can speak to one another. Although maybe Grant will soon wish they couldn’t.

Marc Spector talking to Steven Grant, two of Moon Knight's personalities from the upcoming show
Marvel Studios

In the comics, the story of Marc Spector’s personalities have various connections. In some ways, they seem linked to his godly resurrection. While in others, they have to do with his dissociative identity disorder. We will see how the MCU balances these different sides of Moon Knight’s story. Besides Marc Spector and Steven Grant, we’ve also met another Moon Knight personality called Mr. Knight.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in new MCU teaser trailer
Marvel Studios

Speaking in a recent Moon Knight featurette, Marc Spector (/Steven Grant/Moon Knight) actor Oscar Isaac promised that Moon Knight will take mental health very seriously.

Of course, it feels like one thing to say this and another to enact it. But hopefully, we will get a meaningful story for Marc Spector and all of his different identities.

Moon Knight will release on March 30.

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