ALIEN Animated Short with Music from UP Is Wonderfully Weird

The xenomorph from the Alien franchise is one of horror cinema’s most iconic monsters. And not just because of the memorable designs of the late H.R. Giger. Its fantastically gross reproductive cycle is has been inducing nightmares in moviegoers for 40 years. In fact, last year an animator on YouTube named Sellatorful did an amazing hand-drawn animated short, showing the full reproductive process of the deadly creature with the acid blood in all its ickiness.

That animated short is pretty cool on its own. But now someone has taken that silent short film and added in some music. But no, it’s not Jerry Goldsmith’s score from Ridley Scott’s original 1979 film. A different YouTuber named Bag Ingi had the genius idea to juxtapose the Alien animation with the charming old-timey score from Pixar’s Up.  Specifically, Michael Giacchino’s famous piece “Married Life.” And somehow, it’s so hilariously wrong that it works! Luckily, the xenomorph’s wrath spares Dug the dog. (But where is Ripley when we need her most?)

The animator of the original short, Sellatorful , has a lot of similarly cool animated shorts on their channel. One features The Terminator’s T-800 taking on the T-1000 in a fight. And there are a few animated shorts featuring Marvel characters as well. We get to see Bruce Banner transforming into the Hulk as soon as he’s paged at work. They’ve also got a short of Eddie Brock transforming into Venom and taking out a mugger.

The xenomprph from Alien, delivering an egg to give birth to the next generation.


Perhaps our favorite though is a lineup of horror icons, marching in formation. All in accordance with their height. Starting with the smallest (the Critters,) going all the way to the biggest (Pumpkinhead). You can watch this one down below.  For more amazing hand-drawn animated shorts, be sure to head on over to Sellatorful’s YouTube channel.

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