Celebrate ALIEN Day with Cool New Mondo Products

Everyone these days is aware that May the 4th is Star Wars Day, but less folks know the  Alien franchise has an unofficial online holiday too. April 26th marks Alien Day simply because of the planet in the movie where the Nostromo crew discovered xenomorph eggs. The planet goes by the designation LV-426. So, April 26.

And to commemorate the day Lt. Ellen Ripley kicked some slimy alien butt, the folks at Mondo are offering some fantastic new items celebrating Ripley, the xenomorph, and even Jones the cat! Since 4/26 falls on a weekend this year, Mondo will kick off the celebration and put the Alien Day collection on sale starting on Friday, 4/24, at the Mondo Shop.

Jones the Cat in Alien

Twentieth Century Fox

You can preview Mondo’s new Alien Day offerings below, starting with these adorable Alien enamel pins! The Ovomorph Enamel Pin is 1.51″ wide, while the Chestburster Enamel Pin is 1.47″ wide. The Ripley & Jonesy Enamel Pin measures 1.8″, with the Xenomorph Enamel Pin coming in at 1.6″ wide. All four pins are made from hard enamel on black nickel with double posts and rubber clutch backings. The 100% Soft designs are priced at $10.oo each.

100% Soft Alien pins for Mondo


The Alien Queen Tiki Mug – Airlock Variant is an approximately 9 inch tall ceramic tiki mug, which holds 22oz. The Alien Queen Tiki Mug comes with one Facehugger swizzle stick and one Chestburster swizzle stick. It’s designed by Mike Bonanno, sculpted by Tufan Sezer, and manufactured by Tiki Farm. This one will set you back $50.00.

Alien Queen tiki mug Alien themed swizzle sticks


The Alien Egg Tiki Shooters (2-Pack) – Airlock Variant cost $25.00 per set, and stand at about. 2.5″ tall. They hold 2oz. This set contains 2 Alien Egg Shooters. The same crew from the mug designed them.

Celebrate ALIEN Day With These Cool New Mondo Products_5


And while Ripley might be the hero of the franchise, you can’t forget her trusty cat companion Jones! There’s a Jonesy T-Shirt in black and white by Martin Ansin, as well as one in color. Both styles are available in in unisex sizes XS-4XL, and women’s sizes S-2XL. The Jonesy shirts can be yours for $25.00.

Jonesy the Cat t-shirts


Any or all of these items are the perfect way to honor one of the most kick-ass franchises in sci-fi history. For more info, be sure to head on over to the Mondo site.

Featured Image: Mondo

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