Enjoy Ming-Na Wen Reading a Lovely MULAN Story

It can be a little hard to relax at the moment. With a constant news cycle and global pandemic to contend with, finding ways to chill out can be really difficult. However, Disney and Ming-Na Wen are here to help. They’ve released a lovely video of the Mulan actress reading a gorgeous children’s book centered on the young warrior.

Disney may be targeting kids, but really,we all win.

The official description for this beautiful kid’s picture book by Marie Chow and Jasper Shaw gives more insight into the world of Mulan. “Mulan is different. She’s not quite as graceful as the other girls in her village, nor is she as good at weaving as her little sister. She gets distracted when her dad teaches her calligraphy, and sometimes all she’d like to do is ride her horse or stare up at the clouds. It’s true Mulan doesn’t always fit in. But with the help of those she loves, she finds that maybe she’s just been looking in the wrong places.”

This video is part of a new daily series, Disney Storytime. The Mouse House has shared stories with stars such as Wen, Tony Hale, John Stamos, Elle Duncan, Paige O’Hara, Yvette Nicole Brown, and many more reading.

A Place for Mulan cover

Disney Press

This trend of actors, writers, and artists reading stories is one of the silver linings that has come out of the strange new status quo that we’re living in. Ming-Na Wen’s reading of this sweet story is totally reassuring and relaxing. And it’s also inspired a warm nostalgia for her iconic performance in Disney’s classic animated version of the Mulan legend.

If you enjoyed this wonderful read, you can head to Disney’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to see more of your favorite stars read fantastical Disney stories daily.

Featured Image: Disney

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