Live-Action RAPUNZEL in Development at Disney

It’s probably inevitable that Disney will someday begin making animated versions of their live-action movies that were based on classic cartoons. (Search your feelings. You know it to be true.) But the Mouse House probably won’t do that until they exhaust their entire animated library first, so we still have some time. Just maybe not as much as you’d think, because at the rate it’s going the studio will have adapted all of their classic cartoons first.

Yes, Disney is developing yet another live-action movie, and it’s really letting down its hair with this one. A new report says that Rapunzel is up next to get a real life rendition.

Live-Action RAPUNZEL In Development at Disney_1Disney

The Disinsider says work on a live-action Rapunzel movie has begun at Disney. The studio is developing it for the big screen and not Disney+, unlike 2019’s Lady and the Tramp, which went straight to the streaming site. It is not clear though whether or not this take on Rapunzel will be an adaptation of 2010’s Tangled, which pulled in $593 million worldwide. It also led to a number of followups, including a short, a Disney channel sequel, and a TV series.

However, Tangled is only one take on the iconic character with long hair. The story of Rapunzel was first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812. Pretty much every kid is familiar with her fairy tale, which has been retold for hundreds of years in an endless variety of formats; she has also found her way into modern media like Into the Woods and the Shrek franchise. It would be very easy for Disney to tell a new version of the story with this upcoming endeavor.

Still, the smart guess is that Disney will ultimately adapt Tangled. The IP already has proven to be a success with audiences, and it’s hard to imagine the studio wouldn’t want to bring back popular characters like Flynn Rider. Especially since they can literally cast Zachary Levi to play the character this time for real. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Also, Mandy Moore did just recently announce a new album, so we know her vocals are still up to the task. Would she be up willing to wear a very, very long wig for a few months of filming? Also, how does she feel about pet chameleons?

DisneyLittle else is known about the movie right now. But some of the most important pieces are in place. Ashleigh Powell (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms) will write the script. Michael De Luca (Moneyball, Captain Phillips) will produce, along with Michael de Luca Productions and Kristin Burr (Christopher Robin). The latter pair is also producing Disney’s live-action Cruella starring Emma Stone. (This show of confidence is a great sign for that movie as well.)

The project does not have a director attached yet, however. Filmmakers who want to direct a live-action version of a classic Disney animated movie should jump on this opportunity though. Before we know it, there won’t be many left to adapt.

Featured Image: Disney

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