7 Cosmic Elements We Want To See in Marvel’s Phase 4

With the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4, things are about to go cosmic. At least, according to Kevin Feige and other creators at Marvel Studios. But while the MCU has covered many cosmic elements from the comics, there are still a few we are dying to see. Here are 7 Marvel cosmic elements we want to see make the jump to the big screen in Phase 4.

The M’Kraan Crystal
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Fans of the classic Uncanny X-Men comics and the ’90s animated series should be very familiar with this powerful celestial object. The M’Kraan was a giant crystal that at its core hosted an entire galaxy. This galaxy was a nexus point of all matter and antimatter of not only the universe, but all the different realities in the Multiverse. When dark forces tried to control it, Jean Grey as Phoenix showed off her cosmic might and held the crystal together.

In the comics, the M’Kraan Crystal and the Infinity Gems are separate things. But just like the MCU combined the Space Stone and the Cosmic Cube to make the Tesseract, the MCU should take a similar approach here I think. Post-Endgame, the energy of the Infinity Stones lives on, even if the stones themselves are destroyed. What if those energy coalesced into one new object that controls all of creation, and it’s now the M’Kraan crystal? Although we think it should be years away from being the central point of any MCU epic, we think it should at least be introduced as a concept sometime in Phase 4.

The Starjammers
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The MCU already has a space-faring band of lovable rogues with the Guardians of the Galaxy. But they can’t be the only motley crew of space pirates/sometime heroes out there, can they? In the X-Men lore, the space ways are protected by the Starjammers, a group of cosmic buccaneers who met in the slave pits of the Shi’ar Empire and fought their way out together. Much like the Guardians, the Starjammers are led by an Earthling. In this case, that human is Christopher Summers, also called Corsair. He’s also the father of X-Man Cyclops.

Although the Guardians serve this purpose in the MCU already, we think they will wind down after Guardians Vol.3. So why not have the Starjammers replace them as the MCU’s space pirates extraordinaire? It would be a good way to introduce the backstory of Cyclops and Havok, via their father. And wouldn’t it be cool to maybe have OG Cyclops James Marsden play Corsair? Fans would eat it up, and he’s perfect for the role.

The Shi’ar Empire
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The Marvel Universe has no shortage of alien empires to use in the future. We’ve been already introduced to two major ones, the Kree and the Skrull. But another one which has played a large role in the comics is the Shi’ar Empire. These humanoid aliens (with some bird like traits) have been a huge part of the cosmic side of the various X-Men series since the ’70s.

The Game of Thrones style machinations and family dynamics of their royal family should play some kind of role in the MCU going forward. Aside from the X-Men, the character of Carol Danvers has had many run-ins with the Shi’ar villain known as Deathbird. Which could totally factor in to a potential Captain Marvel sequel.

The Brood
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Although this specific alien race might lean a bit too much into the horror side of things, it could still work in the MCU. The Brood are an insectoid species that journey from world to world to to find hosts to infest with their spawn, who then transform themselves into part of the Brood. It’s been pointed out by many that the Brood share a very striking similarity to the xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. So that there explains what the MCU has never touched them. But seeing as Disney now owns Fox, there’s no need to worry about copyright infringement, allowing them to bring these terrifying aliens to the big screen.

The Negative Zone
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“Cosmic” doesn’t just mean space, it also means other dimensions. One of the most prominent other-dimensional worlds in the Marvel Universe is the Negative Zone. Although an anti-matter universe that is largely uninhabited, the few creatures that dwell there have sought to conquer the positive matter universe and engulf it in darkness. Their insectoid ruler Annihilus once sent a swarm of vessels into the positive matter universe, setting off the Annihilation Wave. This was one of the biggest cosmic stories in Marvel Comics, and would be perfect to adapt for Phase 4. With the Fantastic Four perhaps?

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Maybe the biggest and most obvious choice in terms of big cosmic elements of Marvel Comics that should be coming to the MCU. The so-called “Devourer of Worlds” was once used in a movie, in the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. But that version of Galactus was a giant cloud that didn’t even talk, and disappointed just about everyone. He’s one of Marvel’s most well known cosmic level threats, and it is high time that he is done justice on screen. Although the Fantastic Four movie would be an obvious place to introduce him, a Silver Surfer solo film (maybe starring Keanu Reeves as Norrin Radd?) would also be perfect.

The Beyonder
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Introduced in Marvel’s seminal crossover event Secret Wars, the Beyonder was for all intents and purposes God. But imagine if God were a really bored kid, who created scenarios and worlds for mortal creatures to do battle in for his own amusement. Also, imagine if God looked like David Hasselhoff in a leisure suit. Now, in many ways the Beyonder is the Marvel Universe’s ultimate threat. So maybe it would be wise to save him for a phase 5, or even 6! But the seeds for his existence should appear in Phase 4 sooner rather than later.

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