Hasbro Unveils New Cache of Marvel Legends Figures

Every time Hasbro announces a new wave of Marvel Legends figures we get excited and our bank accounts get scared. The newest Spider-Man heavy line is no different, and as usual it features all kinds of rad characters from the pages of our fave comics.

We Want All of These New MARVEL LEGENDS Figures_1
We Want All of These New MARVEL LEGENDS Figures_2

The full lineup includes a new Spider-Man retro collection which features Daredevil, Peter Parker, Spider-Man, Electro, Green Goblin, and a particularly offensive addition of Gwen Stacy. Now why would the lovable blonde’s figure cause us so much dismay? Well, she comes with a swappable head to transform her into Mary Jane. This is what we mean when we say that women in comics are seen as interchangeable. Ironically it’s a great figure though with a lovely mold and Gwen wearing purple and green to foreshadow her tragic death at the hands of the Green Goblin. But, come on now.

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The backing cards for the Spider-Man series will likely give fans an ultimate nostalgia trip as they are straight out of the ’90s. This line also includes some other great figures including a deluxe War Machine, a muscle daddy Apocalypse, a frickin’ brilliant Moon Knight, and an awesome A.I.M Trooper. Basically whatever kind of Marvel fan you are there is something for you. X-Men to Spidey, Iron Man to Moon Knight there’s plenty of heroes to bless your shelves! We’re particularly enamored with the Green Goblin which is easily the best action figure of the iconic villain yet.  The War Machine figure is also a peak for the character and finally feels like a real comics accurate iteration of the hero.

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You can preorder the figures now! And if you’re as into this line as we are then you can get a far more in depth look at the new wave of figures in our galley below!

Header Image: Hasbro

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