Spider-Man: Into the Multiverse Unites all the Spider-Mans

It would be easy to say it’s Spider-Man’s world and we’re all just living in it, but that wouldn’t be accurate. All of the worlds seem to belong to Spider-Man these days, no matter which one you’re talking about. That’s no surprise though, and not just because he’s one of the best, most beloved superheroes of all-time. It’s hard to keep your friendly neighborhood web-slinger contained to just one universe when you can’t even keep him contained to just one actor in the 21st century. But as we learned with last year’s animated film, multiple Spider-Mans only make things better, and in the newest Nerdist Remix we’re bringing together all three actors who have played Peter Parker for one massive Spidey team up.

Welcome to Spider-Man: Into the Multiverse.

With Tom Holland ready to swing back into theaters this summer for his second solo Spidey go-around in the MCU, thanks to Spider-Man: Far From Home, and with last year’s Oscar-winning Into the Spider-Verse still fresh in our minds, it’s hard not to imagine what it would look like if there was a live-action crossover. But we don’t need a bunch of radioactive arachnids to find out, just some clever editing. And since Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were great Peter Parkers themselves, who better to help out the current Spider-Man than the old ones.

The latest Peter will need all the help he can get too, since a dimension-ripping Snap also presents an opportunity to do the one thing every Spider-Man producer has dreamed of – use every Spidey villain ever.

If you thought The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had way too many villains, wait until you see what happens when you can draw on the rogues galley established by seven different Spider-Man movies. Because while it might be the Spider-Mans’ multiverse, all of those worlds are full of bad guys.

And one really ridiculous boss.

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