Animated Short Recaps THE MANDALORIAN Based Only On Tweets

Even the biggest cultural phenomenons reach only a minority of people on the planet. It’s estimated a billion people watched Game of Thrones‘ series finale. Yes, billion with a “b.” But even that gigantic number is roughly 13% of everyone on Earth. So what’s it like for a majority of humans to live with a vocal fanbase who won’t stop talking about a certain television show? How much does everyone else know about our most beloved series, just from seeing people talk about it on social media? Based on a fantastic animated short recapping the hit Star Wars series The Mandalorian, it turns out a whole lot.

Because this summary pretty much nails everything about our favorite surrogate dad and all the things he does for his hungry green child.

@smallbuanimationWhat I think the Mandolorian is About #mandolorian #themandolorian #StarWars #babyyoda #grogu #animation #funny #cute #parody #fyp ♬ original sound – Smallbu Animation

This delightful 60-second short (which we first saw thanks to Winter is Coming) comes from Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera. They are the Emmy-winning married couple behind Smallbu Animation. In just one minute they manage to capture the true nature of the Disney+ series, based solely on their understanding of the series gleaned from their friends’ tweets.

Thanks to Twitter they know the show follows “a guy” who was “hatin’ on everybody” until he found Muppet Baby Yoda. Now that man has to take care of a troublemaking child while they go on adventures, which causes both of them a lot of problems. Especially thanks to “Muscles Mean Lady” and Baby Yoda’s appetite for both food and wandering around.

But while the Mandalorian grows to love his adopted son, he tries to help the child find his own people. That brings the pair to “Ahsoka Clone Wars,” who says Granola/Grandma/ Grogu is special. Unfortunately he’s also full of hate, so she won’t train him. Which means Mando has to return to constantly doing favors he initially refuses in exchange for help.

Baby Yoda aka Grogu in The Jedi episode from The Mandalorian. Star Wars

Moff Gideon erasure aside, they nailed it. That’s pretty much the show every episode.And this highlights the real reason some TV shows are true cultural phenomenons. It’s not because everyone watches it. It’s because they become hard for anyone to ignore.

Featured Image: Star Wars

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