THE MANDALORIAN Just Answered a Big STAR WARS Question

Boba Fett in The Mandalorian.Lucasfilm

Wow, what an episode of The Mandalorian. If Star Wars fans were excited about Ahsoka Tano last week, then this episode surely sent them into overdrive. Not only did it feature the reappearance of fan-favorite character Boba Fett, but it also answered a big lore question. Oh, and Moff Gideon kidnapped Baby Yoda. But we’re not ready to talk about that quite yet.

The episode cleared up a few things right up top. That person standing over Fennec Shand last season? It was Boba. That was also Boba at the end of the season two premiere. In Chapter 14, titled “The Tragedy,” Boba tracks Din and Grogu to Tython. Fennec Shand is alive and in his service, as he saved her life. The trio teams up when Moff Gideon’s Stormtrooper brigade finds them on the planet in pursuit of the baby. By episode’s end, Grogu is in captivity and everything is looking pretty grim.

But nestled in all of that action was a huge reveal about Jango Fett. It turns out, he was a real Mandalorian after all. He was a Foundling who fought in “the Mandalorian Civil Wars,” according to his son Boba. This seemingly contradicts something we learned in The Clone Wars, when Mandalorian Prime Minister Almec tells Obi-Wan Kenobi that Fett was a “common bounty hunter.” Almec also said he wasn’t sure where Fett found his armor. Almec must have been lying based on this new information. Or he simply didn’t know Jango Fett was truly from Mandalore.

Boba Fett reads his name embedded in his armor in The Mandalorian.Lucasfilm

This clears up a big question Star Wars fans have long had about the Fetts. There has been contradicting information through the years from creators. George Lucas himself told Dave Filoni that the Fetts weren’t Mandalorians. But in the de-canonized Star Wars Legends, they were. It looks like The Mandalorian is once again borrowing from Legends. That’s pretty exciting stuff for Star Wars fans!

Of course, as with everything in The Mandalorian, this reveal comes with a new set of questions. For instance, was Jango Fett a Child of the Watch? Where is he from originally? And what Civil Wars did he fight in?

Who knows if we’ll get the answers to those questions. But as always, we’re excited to see what else The Mandalorian has in store for us.

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