This Giant LEGO Roller Coaster Is a Kinetic Adventure

While it’s always a pleasure to see ridiculously talented LEGO fan builders bust out with jumbo one-offs, there’s something about a creation with moving parts that just feels so much more…kinetic. Like this epic LEGO train that spans one man’s entire home. Or the LEGO roller coaster immediately below, which looks like so much fun we want somebody to build it IRL right now so we can ride it.

British YouTuber Christopher Burton, a.k.a. Half-Asleep Chris, created the gigantic LEGO roller coaster. For those unfamiliar, Burton has a channel full of vlogging and stop-motion videos. As well as videos featuring hijinks between himself and his two cats, Bella and Ralph.

In this video, the endlessly creative Burton shows how he took the $380 retail LEGO roller coaster and sized it up by ten. Literally by buying ten of the 4,100-piece sets. But also, far more importantly, by using ingenuity and problem-solving skills. As well as some morale boosts from Ralph.

A nine-foot-tall LEGO roller coaster supported by a wood structure inside of its builder's apartment living room.

Half-Asleep Chris

Burton dedicates the first seven minutes of the video to the build process, which ultimately relies on a real, wooden structure for track support. Despite that one caveat, Burton’s build is downright epic; spanning nearly nine feet from bottom to top and containing two loops, multiple inversions and drops, a smoke machine, and tons of Matterhorn-esque lighting effects.

A first-person POV of a ride aboard an epic LEGO rollercoaster that zips through neon lights and darkness.

Half-Asleep Chris

As for the final result? We are not kidding. Somebody needs to build this roller coaster ASAP. At about the 9:20 mark, Burton offers a first-person ride aboard the LEGO coaster thanks to a GoPro camera. And from the first hill to the last one, the ride is a flurry of lights and spinning and jumps and lumps and loops.

The ride lasts sixty seconds, which is especially long when you consider the original LEGO coaster only lasts for four. The real version, which would scale proportionally to more than 300 feet tall, would probably last a lot longer though. Or at least we hope it would.

Feature image: Half-Asleep Chris

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