LEGO Is Now Officially For Adults Too, Thank You Very Much

As if it weren’t already obvious from them making an official Seinfeld set (a show that went off the air over 20 years ago), building block toy brand LEGO isn’t just for kids. LEGO has courted people of all ages with their intricate designs, bright colors, and adorable minifigs. I know some grown-ass adults who have entire rooms in their home devoted to LEGO. And while this kind of thing has gone on for a very long time, a recent catalog from the company assures everyone that adults are indeed welcome.

A grown adult woman holds a LEGO space shuttle. On the desk are little NASA placards an a LEGO satellite on a stand.


We first heard about it via Brick Fanatics, but the full catalogue is now on LEGO’s own site. Among the various products they show (all with grown-ups playing with or building them), they offer an interesting statistic. 100% of online LEGO sales are from adults. I suppose that makes sense, because credit cards. But, they further explain, it’s not like all of them are gifts for children. And so, the company are now just steering right into this.

They aren’t merely going to just condone grown-ups building their sets; they’re in fact launching more challenging sets specifically for the more *ahem* mature creators out there. They split their adult section (which sounds more risque than it is, I assure you) into various subgroups: Entertainment; Vehicles; Art, Design, & Music; Travel & History; Sports & Games; and Star Wars, because I feel like that accounts for the majority of grown-up LEGO buying. I’d guess, anyway.

The site has some pretty interesting and fun sets in this grown up area, like the  Friends apartments to go with the Central Perk set from a few years back. Also a very cool looking Volkswagen camper van, which just feels so incredibly ’70s.

So, go ahead, people 18+! Don’t forego the fun of building things just because you have to pay bills and taxes. You’re good here.

Kyle Anderson is the Senior Editor for Nerdist. You can find his film and TV reviews here. Follow him on Twitter!

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