Artist Pays Tribute to Stan Lee with Eerily Lifelike Bust

It’s been over two years since we lost comic book legend Stan “the Man” Lee. And yet, his pop culture creations continue to live on for all time. Right now, we’re all obsessing about WandaVision and all its characters. Well, Stan co-created Wanda, Pietro, and  Agatha Harkness. The man’s creative fingerprints are everywhere. Therefore, we will always “stan Stan.”

But for those of you out there that need a more permanent reminder of the man who helped put Marvel Comics on the map, Etsy seller monsterscollectibles has got you covered. They’ve made a very realistic bust of Stan Lee, one that’s so lifelike it’s kind of creepy. You can check out images of this wildly lifelike bust right here, thanks to Geeks are Sexy.

This very lifelike Stan Lee bust is from a special effects makeup creator, with credits like Men in Black III and The Wolfman.


The Etsy shop is located in Madrid, Spain. The owner of monsterscollectibles has worked on famous films like The Wolfman, Men in Black III, and Pan’s Labyrinth. They now use their talents to create their own creatures and sell them to eager fans. Among the offerings are a steampunk version of the Frankenstein monster, some classic gray aliens, and much more. You can read the official description for the bust down below:

“This article is a hyper realistic silicone tribute bust of the most important figure in the Marvel universe. This bust is the most complex piece from the artist with a amazing attention to the details. The hair is punched individually to match the likeness, the eyes and hand made in resin, and the clothes are high quality real clothes. The collector can choose the color of the shirt and the jersey.”
The Stan Lee bust from Monster Collectibles is barely distinguishable from the real thing.


Just how much will this realistic bust of Stan Lee set you back? Oh, just $3,406.08. True acolyte of the man who popularized the terms “True Believer” and “Excelsior!,”  you may want to put down the cash for this very unique item. To order this bust and other cool creations, be sure to head on over to the monsterscollectibles Etsy shop.

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