LEGO Stop-Motion Pancakes Look Downright Delicious

It turns out that, as is the case with Star Wars, LEGO bricks go great with breakfast. Or, rather, LEGO bricks can be made into a great breakfast. Check out this stop-motion video of LEGO pancakes being made for proof of that fact—as well as inspiration to eat more real pancakes.

Bebop’s stop-motion LEGO pancake video. 

The video of the LEGO pancakes being made, which comes via Laughing Squid, was recently posted by YouTuber Bebop Stop Motion. Bebop Stop Motion is a Korean YouTuber who’s previously posted numerous other LEGO stop-motion videos. Some of his previous creations include a LEGO donuts and Coke meal, and a LEGO hamburger.

While it’s unclear why Bebop decided to make pancakes for his latest stop-motion LEGO video, the task was apparently quite difficult. According to a translated Instagram post, Bepob says that this was “an exceptionally difficult task.” Which is more than understandable considering the amount of effort a video like this would require. (We imagine it would’ve taken at least a few dozen hours.)

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The video itself is a real treat though, and each step of the cooking process features LEGO bricks dripping, sizzling, or swirling. The ASMR aspect of the video adds a layer of viscerally pleasing sounds as well. Be wary, however, because hearing the raw sounds of LEGO “pancakes” sizzling in a frying pan will make you salivate.

It’s unclear which food stuff Bebop plans on bricking up next, but it’ll be hard to top what he’s done here. Especially since he’s already made a LEGO pizza.

What do you think about Bebop’s LEGO breakfast video? Is this some of the finest brickwork you’ve ever seen, or are you just extra ready for an outing to Denny’s now? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments!

Feature Image: Bebop

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