LEGO Reveals New BATMAN ’89 Batmobile Collector’s Set

This is a big anniversary year for DC Comics’ Dark Knight. Not only does Batman turn 80 years old, but it’s also the thirtieth birthday of the Tim Burton 1989 blockbuster Batman. And that little film then launched the character into perennial movie stardom. Of course, one of the most iconic elements of the original Batman film is its Batmobile, which roared through the streets of Gotham City with a sleek, Art Deco design.

Now, that film’s Batmobile is coming to life as an all-new LEGO collector’s set which will blow your mind. The new set arrives at LEGO Retail Stores and on November 29. Appropriately enough for Batman, this new set launches on Black Friday. Although for Bruce Wayne, every Friday is a black one. And all the other days of the week too.

The box art for the new LEGO version of the Tim Burton Batmobile from the 1989 film.

LEGO / DC Comics

The 1989 big screen Batmobile is built from over 3,300 pieces, and measures over 23” (60cm) long and sits on a rotating display plate. The sleek design makes this set a highly rewarding build that is perfect for displaying in the home of any Batman aficionado. This LEGO set includes three new-for-2019 minifigures based on characters from the film. Of course, there’s Michael Keaton’s version of the Dark Knight, who sports a new and unique cape. Then there’s Jack Nicholson’s iteration of the Joker, with a new face and torso decoration. And Gotham Gazette photographer Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger) is also on hand, featuring a brand new torso and legs.

The new LEGO Batmobile collector's build, along with minifigures of Batman, the Joker, and Vicki Vale.

LEGO / DC Comics

The Tim Burton big screen Batmobile comes with a new-for-2019 wraparound windshield element and decorative grappling hooks on both sides of the vehicle. Place the Batman minifigure into the car by opening the slide-open cockpit before turning the car’s turbine exhaust to make the two machine guns hidden under the hood pop up. The Batmobile also comes with detailed Bat emblems on the wheel trim and a set of specially designed tires for the front wheels.

Box art for the new limited edition version of the new LEGO Batmobile

LEGO / DC Comics

There have been many live-action Batmobiles going back over fifty years, to the time of Adam West’s reconfigured Lincoln Futura from the Batman ’66 TV series. Then of course there was the Alien inspired car from Batman Forever, and Christopher Nolan’s tank version, better known as “the Tumbler.” But for my money, the coolest of all the cinematic Batmobiles is the one from the pair of Tim Burton films. It’s simply the sleekest and most Gothic of all of them, and no big screen Bat ride has ever come close to matching its coolness.

Although the coolest of all the Batmobiles is still the one from the early ’90s Batman: The Animated Series, but in terms of live-action ones, the prize goes to designer Anton Furst’s version.

The back view of the new collector's edition Batmobile LEGO build with erupting flames coming out of the back.

LEGO / DC Comics

The 1989 Batmobile is launching as part of LEGO Black Friday events and those who purchase the set between November 29th and December 5th will receive an exclusive mini replica of the original model as a free gift available in limited quantities. This new Batmobile will set you back  $249.99 US, and  $299.99 Canadian. For more images of this awesome collector’s LEGO set, check out our images in the gallery below.

Images: LEGO / DC Comics

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