This Car Hauler Is Moving Everything From the BATMOBILE to the DELOREAN

This year’s Ready Player One was a nostalgia trip for a lot of us. It transported us back to our youth and let us see many things we grew up with come to life (even if it was only for a few seconds during the final battle). What if we told you that there was a chance to see that nostalgia in real life, just driving casually down the street? Thanks to this photo by Reddit user walkswithdeath1, that question doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

And then my childhood drove by from r/pics

Neatorama reports that the truck and the cars are all owned by actor Franck Galiègue. While some of us collect limited edition variant cover comic books or collector’s edition blu-rays, Franck has chosen movie vehicles as his hobby of choice. Here in this picture alone, we see Herbie the Love Bug, Ecto-1, the Delorean, the 1989 Batmobile, the Jurassic Park Jeep and Explorer, and a motorcycle from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Whereas the most obsessive of comic collectors will barely let you look at their Avengers #1 let alone take it out of its protective case, Franck is much more generous with his collection. His business, Movie Cars Central, allows you to rent one of these iconic vehicles. Our advice? GET THE INSURANCE.Fans always have their “dream item” that they would love to have displayed in their home. A first edition comic book. A rare action figure. It’s great when a fan is not only able to accomplish that dream but is willing to share it with others.

So what do you think? What famous vehicles would you like to have sitting in your garage? Let us know on Facebook or sound off in the comments below.

Image: Warner Brothers

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