Deepfake Video of Jim Carrey in THE SHINING is Beyond Creepy

By now you’ve probably seen several videos making the rounds using “Deepfake” video editing software. We’ve seen it used in some fun and harmless ways, like transposing Sylvester Stallone’s face over Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in Terminator 2, or Jon Snow apologizing for Game of Thrones season 8. And then, we’ve seen it used to mimic Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg into saying things that he didn’t quite say in real life. The implications of this stuff is pretty staggering.

It’s amazing what they’re able to do. As the technology advances, it will only get scarier and scarier. And speaking of scary, this new edit of a several scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining will totally blow your mind. The makers of the video took Jim Carrey’s face and placed it over Jack Nicholson’s in several key moments from the film, giving the phrase “Liar, Liar” a whole new meaning.

YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face are behind this one, just as they were the ones who created the recent Deepfake video with the Stallone model T-800. They were also the folks who gave us David Bowie as ’80s pop singer Rick Astley– the ultimate “Rick Roll”. If you didn’t already know this was an alteration, you’d probably never guess. That’s extra creepy; the faces are close enough to those of the real people, the lines between reality and fantasy almost totally blur. Terrifying, really.

The video is in thee parts, starting from where we first see that the supernatural forces of the Overlook Hotel have slowly drive Jack Torrance mad. Jack/Jim’s descent manifests in palpable menace toward his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall). Then, we get to the the full on ax-wielding parts, which have now become iconic. But seeing Jim Carrey’s face doing the infamous “Here’s Johnny!”moment took an already disconcerting scene and made it that much weirder.

Images: Ctrl Shift Face / Warner Brothers