Meet the Rescue Dogs Starring in the Live-Action LADY AND THE TRAMP

For months, a debate raged about whether or not Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King was really another animated film, since it was entirely CGI. (The movie has since gone on to make $1.2 billion worldwide in only three weeks and now no one cares.) But Disney’s next remake of a beloved animal-centric cartoon is definitely live-action. The new Lady and the Tramp will feature real rescue dogs in the movie, and we just got our first look at the adorable cast who we already love.

People magazine shared the first images of the doggos who will star in Disney’s latest live-action remake, which will debut on the Mouse House’s new streaming site Disney+ on November 12. The film’s titular roles will be voiced by Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson. Tramp will be played by Monte, who was rescued from a kill-shelter in New Mexico and is owned by one of the movie’s animal trainers, and Lady will be played by a cocker spaniel named Rose.

Theroux and Thompson will be joined by Sam Elliot, who will voice the wise old bloodhound Trusty, Janelle Monáe as the stylish Peg, Scotland’s own Ashley Jensen as the Scottish terrier Jock, and Benedict Wong as Tramp’s bulldog bestie Bull.

That’s a pretty amazing cast and we absolutely cannot wait to see this. The humans they got to voice them are pretty good too. Hopefully they won’t make the spaghetti CGI. We don’t care how good The Lion King looked, we’ll be able to tell.

Featured Image: Disney

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