First Reactions to THE LION KING Roar with Approval

There has been equal parts excitement and trepidation over Disney’s live-action version of The Lion King, which comes to theaters on July 19. Can the film possibly live up the oversized expectations set by the beloved 1994 original? Will a movie almost entirely made with CGI animals made to look less human than their cartoon counterparts still carry the same emotional weight? Based on the first reactions to the world premiere, which universally praise the visuals and the cast, the answer appears to be a rousing roar of approval.

Nerdist‘s own Editor-in-Chief Rachel Heine was fully on board with what sounds like an emotional ride.

She was far from the only one, though.

Even those who didn’t love everything about the movie still found lots to praise.

If that’s the worst thing anyone can say about the movie, fans of the original The Lion King will have another movie to be protective and passionate about.

Featured Image: Disney

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