Kumail Nanjiani Proudly Displays His ETERNALS Kingo Movie Posters

One of the most delightful parts of Eternals is easily Kingo, played by Kumail Nanjiani. And even though his energy projection powers are indeed cool, it’s his personality that makes him shine among his immortal siblings. In the film, we learn that Kingo has spent much of the last century as a Bollywood movie star. And to explain away his century of big-screen stardom, he merely tells people that the previous stars who carried his name were his father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. A simple yet elegant solution to being immortal.

Kumail Nanjiani as Bollywood star Kingo in Eternals seen on movie posters.
Marvel Studios

In Eternals, we even see movie posters for Kingo’s films going back decades. Now, Kumail has shared the Kingo movie posters from the film, which he hangs proudly. He posted photos of the posters to his Twitter account. Now, when is Disney going to release some of these beauties for fans to buy? We want to celebrate the Kingo oeuvre in our homes too, you know. You can check out Kumail’s Kingo movie posters right here:

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Kumail’s wife, writer Emily V. Gordon, shared that her husband’s reps snagged the posters from Marvel Studios. We are sure that they went through the proper channels, but it’s fun to imagine them stealing them when Kevin Feige wasn’t looking.

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Kumail revealed yet another cool tidbit about Kingo on Twitter. He posted a bunch of photos that show that the hair he wore was not added in later. He grew his beard out, and then he slowly shaved it over the course of the day. And that’s when they did the photo references for his various Kingo looks over the years. Now that’s a commitment to character.

We truly think Kingo is the breakout star of Eternals, and we’d love to see a Disney+ series based on his adventures as a movie star (And film director. He directed a few times too you know). We’re bound to have a MCU musical series at some point. Why not base it around Kingo?

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