JOKER’s Final Trailer Is No Laughing Matter

When Todd Phillips’ Joker movie was first announced two years ago, back when it was Martin Scorsese’s film and Warner Bros. was hoping to snag Leonardo DiCaprio as the Crown Prince of Crime, most people were either, at best, skeptical or totally incredulous. Not only did the DCEU just give the world a new version of the character, with Jared Leto’s “damaged” version, we had already been given two iconic versions on the big screen, thanks to Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. Most of that skepticism went away however after the first moody, intense trailer showed that the movie would be the superhero genre’s entry into the gritty character studies of the ’70s. Now we know even more about what will send Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck completely over the edge into madness. It’s a moment that has something to say about the world today.

The movie’s final trailer gives us a better look at Robert DeNiro’s talk show host character Franklin; he’ll prove far more important to the Joker’s descent than we previously realized. In a very 2019 display, the public figure needlessly mocks an otherwise anonymous person. Franklin shows a clip from Arthur’s hacky stand-up routine on his national show for an easy laugh. It’s not hard to see how the unwell Arthur, who tells his psychiatrist during their last appointment he only has negative thoughts, could finally go over the edge.

From there it looks as though all of Gotham falls into a groundswell of clowns; they appear ready to fight back against the rich and famous who wield so much power.

This trailer also gives us glimpses of Marc Maron (GLOW); Arthur’s love interest Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2); and Brett Cullen (Narcos), who plays Thomas Wayne. Hopefully him punching Arthur in the face doesn’t make things difficult for his son later in life…

Two years ago we thought this movie might be a very bad idea, and now we can’t wait to see it! It comes to theaters on October 4. Guess the joke is on us.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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