John Boyega Sweats And Talks STAR WARS In HOT ONES Season Finale

Hot Ones is an internet sensation. The 30-minute YouTube series has actors sit down with host Sean Evans and eat their way through 10 spicy chicken wings. Each wing is doused with a progressively hotter hot sauce, which are consumed as the celebrity answers a range of questions. The episodes, hosted on the First We Feast YouTube channel, frequently go viral (a recent Paul Rudd segment became a Twitter meme) and are hilarious alternatives to the standard promotional interview.

It was only a matter of time before Hot Ones got a Star Wars actor in on the action, and that’s exactly what happened in their latest episode. The Rise of Skywalker star John Boyega sat down with Evans and the results are… well, let’s just say we feel so sorry for John Boyega’s tastebuds right now.


Boyega’s been hyping up his Hot Ones appearance on Twitter for the last few weeks. He tweeted out his nerves before the filming took place: “I’m scared as hell.”

And after he wrapped, he warned us that it was a brutal session.

Of course, that got us even more excited to see the results, and they definitely don’t disappoint. The episode starts off simple enough. The London-born actor comes from a Nigerian family, so he talks up his tolerance for spicy foods. But his confidence doesn’t last long. About midway through the episode, it’s pretty clear he’s suffering. “My soul is burnt to a crisp,” he even utters at one point. For a while, he even struggles answering the questions.

The episode is full of so many funny anecdotes, like Boyega admitting his parents liked Pacific Rim: Uprising better than Star Wars and his reaction to a video of someone farting the Imperial March. He also gets nerdy about his love of anime. Turns out, John Boyega is just like the rest of us: He took a trip to Japan just to play in arcades and take in the gaming culture. Can’t say we’d do any different if we were millionaire celebrities. Boyega is truly living the life. Even if he’s in pain.

Like all the best episodes of Hot Ones, it’s worth a few rewatches—if only to see Boyega squirm and react. We have a feeling this episode will yield some brilliant gifs. The fans are already posting screengrabs and jokes on Twitter, at Boyega’s expense.

Could Finn last longer with some spicy wings than John Boyega? Would he put hot sauce on a roasted porg? We’ll be asking ourselves those very questions when we watch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, in theaters December 20.

Featured Image: First We Feast

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