Watch Jeff Goldblum Evaluate Jeff Goldblum Impressions

Jeff Goldblum is such a singular performer that he’s easy to impersonate even in print form. Watch. You, ah…you’re already…what is it called…ah, yes, reading this….this sentence…perfectly in Jeff Goldblum’s voice, aren’t you? Hmm, yes… you are. See? How accurate was that? I’m not sure, but maybe I can get Jeff Goldblum himself to tell me. He already did that for Vanity Fair, in a delightful video where the actor evaluated others doing their best Jeff Goldblum impressions.

If you want pure, uncut Jeff Goldblum you’re not going to do better than him watching and commenting on others acting like Jeff Goldblum. (In a video we first saw at Laughing Squid.) Seeing other people speak, move, and even purr like him had Goldblum essentially doing his own Jeff Goldblum impression. It’s like Goldblum Inception. Only instead of one loud “ BWAHM” it would be “Uh…BW…what is it? The end of this sound…ah yes, AHM. Yes, aaaahm.”

Jeff Goldblum watching Bryan Cranston do an impression of him
Vanity Fair

The actual impressions in this collection are pretty terrific too. It includes fellow famous celebs David Duchovny, Bryan Cranston, and Tom Hiddleston capturing the essence of the Jurassic Park and Thor: Ragnarok star. As good as those were though, our favorites might have come from TikTok users Matthew Friend and Justin Rupple. Each is perfectly ridiculous in their own way. Much like Jeff Goldblum himself.

Also, now we know where we can get bonus Goldblum impressions.

Personally though my single favorite part of this video is finally knowing the term for Goldblum’s…uh…what’s it called…oh, yes, scattered…scattered searching speaking pattern. He referred to it as “fun-fraying.” A phrase that truly gets at the heart of his signature verbal style. (It must be noted though, that hearing him describe an impression as being “”half musical” and “half dance sensual odyssey” was pretty damn amazing too.)

It’s obviously not hard to do a good Jeff Goldblum impersonation. But the flip side of that fun-frayed coin is that it’s hard to do a bad one. And clearly Jeff Goldblum agrees.

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