Hot Toys Announces Two MANDALORIAN Boba Fett Figures

For a guy who fell into a Sarlacc pit more than 37 years ago, Boba Fett is having one heck of a run. First he made his triumphant return to the galaxy far, far away on The Mandalorian, where he totally redeemed himself by being a total badass. Now he’s set to star in his very own spin-off show. And he’s even getting his own comic. Pretty good for a character we thought died a long time ago. So good in fact he’s not just getting one new collectible, he’s getting two. Hot Toy has announced two different Boba Fett figures. And each captures a different memorable look for one of Star Wars‘ most infamous bounty hunters.

Two Boba Fett collectible figures, one in armor, one in a black robe without his helmetHot Toys

Hot Toys newest sixth scale Star Wars figures each stand nearly 12 inches tall. Both highly-detailed replicas, a regular version and a Deluxe Version, capture a different look of Temuera Morrison’s Boba Fett as seen on The Mandalorian.

The standard figure ($285), with 30 points of articulation, comes “outfitted in his weathered, worn, and battle-damaged armor” that he wore after getting it back from Din Djarin. That includes a “newly crafted battle-damaged helmeted head with articulated rangefinder.” This Boba has seen some s**t, and he’s ready for even more.

An action figure of Boba Fett in his armor in front of his ship, with the figure being held in a hand to the right side for scale.

The base figure also comes with:

– Multiple interchangeable gloved hands for a wealth of posing and display options
– A pair of weathered gauntlets
– A leather-effect belt with ammo clips and pistol holster
– A rope belt
– Tailored shirt and pants
– A pair of boots
– A weathered right knee guard
– A pistol
– A “chain code effect” accessory
– Boba Fett’s jetpack with detachable rocket
– Thruster fire accessories
– Firing effect accessory
– Flamethrower effect accessory
– Whistling bird effect accessory
– A specially designed rocky diorama figure stand

The Deluxe Version ($490) includes the same armor set as the original figure. But it also comes with his Tusken raider robes and accessories he’s seen with during his first appearance on the series.

A Boba Fett collectible with no helmet holding a rifle, with the figure being held in a hand to the left for scale.Hot Toys

In addition to all of the same standard extras, this figure also includes:

– Hand-painted portrait of Boba Fett
– A robe (with poseable wire)
– Tailored long sleeved shirt, arm wraps, and vest
– A gaffi stick
– A cycle rifle with strap
– A pistol
– A damaged Stormtrooper helmet
– A Jango Fett hologram figure
– A diorama figure stand

Both figures are available to preorder at Sideshow Collectibles. They will begin shipping sometime in 2022, between April and June. You might not want to wait to order yours though. These could sell out fast. Because at the rate Boba Fett has been going, by then he might be the biggest star in every galaxy.

Featured Image: Hot Toys

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