HEREDITARY Gingerbread House Is a Super Creepy Holiday Gift

Hereditary is one of the most disturbing and deeply unsettling horror films of the last decade—heck, the whole century so far, if you ask us. But unlike horror movies featuring identifiable monsters like Freddy or Jason, Ari Aster’s film doesn’t leave as much identifiable iconography to make easily sellable merch with. But that didn’t stop A24 from determining how to make the perfect Hereditary gift. And we must say, this gingerbread treehouse, like the one in the Hereditary where they worshipped the demon Paimon, is pretty incredible.

The Hereditary Gingerbread Treehouse and packaging

According to the official description, the Hereditary gingerbread house kit includes a cast iron mold plate, a plastic treehouse base, and a recipe card. It also comes with an instruction booklet and a tealight to illuminate your treehouse. Just for that super extra creepy factor to keep one up at night. The cast iron base builds one complete treehouse, as well as a gingerbread Peter, Paimon, as well as Paimon’s worshippers. They made the kit from food-safe plastic. The base includes a forest-floor textured base plate, four “birch” legs, a platform, and a ladder. You can see images of all the parts for this kit in the gallery below.

Could this be the start of a whole slew of Hereditary products? Hey, if The Exorcist can get merch, and it’s maybe the most disturbing movie of all time, why not Ari Aster’s film? Sure, there’s been a few t-shirts and stickers of Toni Collette screaming, and a super creepy Paimon statue or two. But nothing compared to Aster’s follow-up film, Midsommar, which got a bunch of merchandise. We say it’s time for a whole line of Paimon products. If Black Phillip from A24’s The Witch gets a Funko Pop, surely Paimon deserves the same honor.

You can order the Hereditary gingerbread house now from the A24 site for $62.00.

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