James Gunn Wants A Drax and Mantis Spin-off

The long-awaited third Guardians of the Galaxy film is sadly still a few years away. Those of us who are chomping at the bit to see James Gunn return to his motley crew of space adventurers are going to have to wait until after The Suicide Squad is out, and then probably a lest another year after that. But now that James Gunn is officially back on board, he and other members of the Benatar crew have been discussing the future of the Marvel characters.

Is a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Spin-off with Drax and Mantis Possible?_1

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Someone who’s been talking about his character a lot lately is Dave Bautista, who plays Drax the Destroyer. He mentioned recently in an interview with Collider  (via IGN) that Gunn once had an idea for a spin-off film for Drax and his fellow Guardian, Mantis (Pom Klementieff). But apparently Disney simply couldn’t fit it into their release schedule. So it never went past the idea stage. However, James Gunn responded to this comment from Bautista with a tweet of his own, saying that his idea of continuing the further adventures of Drax and Mantis was never ruled out, and would “be amazing.” A sentiment we most certainly agree with.

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While this might not be in Marvel Studios’ schedule for an upcoming feature film, it seems like the perfect kind of thing for a potential Disney+ series. But Bautista threw water on that notion right away, saying that “I wouldn’t do a series, because Drax as a series would be really rough with the make-up and everything, it would just be too tough.”

Now, we totally understand his position here. But we think he can be convinced. We think that Bautista is thinking that he wouldn’t be able to do a normal 22 episode or even 10 episode season of a series in all that make-up. But from what we’ve gathered so far, these Disney+ Marvel shows like WandaVision are within the six episode range. So one season is the equivalent to one movie, more or less. Given that knowledge, we think he could be convinced—especially is the script is good enough. And if it has James Gunn’s involvement, of course.

Is a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Spin-off with Drax and Mantis Possible?_2

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So, just what would a potential Drax and Mantis show even be about? Frankly, the possibilities are endless. There are a lot of Marvel cosmic stories and concepts to mine that Guardians 3 probably won’t have the time to touch on. But one storyline that would be great would be Dax meeting his long lost daughter, Moondragon. Although their father/daughter relationship is hard to define in the comics, Marvel Studios has shown they have no problem in changing and adapting things from the comics for live-action.

Mantis also famously married the former Avenger known as the Swordsman, a character who has yet to appear in any live-action incarnation. Mantis has a very wild comic book history too, certainly enough to create some pretty out there stories around for a potential series. Hopefully, this Drax and Mantis idea eventually gets beyond the concept stage and becomes something that actually happens.

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