Pit GODZILLA VS. KONG With These New Playmates Toys

Every kid wants to go toe-to-toe with giant monsters. That’s why Titans like Godzilla and Kong became icons in the first place. There’s something about seeing the massive creatures smashing through buildings, or protecting them from other such Kaiju, that remains magical, even decades later. But since kids can’t actually meet Kong or Godzilla in real life, at least they can play with scale versions of them in the form of toys. A new batch of Godzilla vs. Kong toys from Playmates gives kids (or you, let’s be real) the opportunity to get their hands on the power of these titular titans.

Godzilla vs. Kong Playmates toys

Fittingly the Playmates Godzilla vs. Kong action figures come in two playable sizes. The first is the standard 6” scale, perfect for play opposite all your other action figures. This size features two different versions of Kong and Godzilla. For Kong, one has a battle-axe and the other a helicopter accessory; for Godzilla, one has its signature Heat Ray and the other has a radio tower. It’s up to you whether you want the battle-ready versions or the city-stomper versions. But if you’re anything like us, you probably want both.

Also in the 6” scale are some foes for the Kong and Godzilla to fight. First you have a Skullcrawler, as seen in the best sequence in Kong: Skull Island. Kong does not like those Skullcrawler fellows, which makes for great monster playing. The final 6” figure is a Warbat, which is kind of a serpent thing with wings. It’s awesome.

But for fans who want a little bit more mass in their massive monsters, Playmates also has Godzilla and Kong in big ol’, hefty 11” Giant XL versions. The movie Godzilla vs. Kong might not be coming out until 2021, but at least you can stage your own enormous battles now that the toys are available.

Godzilla vs. Kong Playmates toys

Playmates’ Godzilla vs. Kong action figures are based on the film from Legendary and Toho.

This post is sponsored by Playmates Toys.

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