22 KONG: SKULL ISLAND Facts the Director Revealed During Our Watchalong

Kong: Skull Island is a total blast! The only thing that can make the already extremely enjoyable movie more fun is live tweeting it alongside director Jordan Vogt Roberts. Because we like to make all your dreams come true, that’s exactly what we did and it was wonderful. Not only did we get to enjoy the MonsterVerse Watchalong with our amazing readers, but Vogt Roberts shared a whole bunch of rad secrets, easter eggs, and even some personal stories about the production of the epic adventure film.

There’s literally nothing cooler than seeing storyboards from movies we love.

Vogt Roberts was full of praise for his amazing collaborators.

If you were looking for any more concrete connections to Godzilla, you’ll be pleased.

One of our favorite lines gained an extra importance.

We got a lot of cool glimpses at rad production art.

The director also shared a personal story behind a super cool easter egg.

Asking the big questions here.

One of the most iconic shots was also one of the earliest to be brought to life.

The director unveiled some really cool tidbits about shooting.

Turns out that Vogt Roberts loves anime as much as we do.

Take our money!!!

Vogt Roberts teased that there were still some hidden easter eggs.

We say it once again: take our money!!!

The queen, Rachel Heine, educated the director and cinematographer on this canon point.

And our very own Kyle Anderson caught these two rad references.

There are loads of video game references in the movie, but this is our favorite.

Vogt Roberts shared a personal connection to a vital cast member.

Turns out that Gareth Edwards and Vogt Roberts shared a trip together post filming.

Another highlight? The awesome concept art we got to see for the first time.

I mean…

We love that Vogt Roberts happens to be a big fan of Pokemon.

An alternate universe bit of casting we wish we could see…

If you loved this week’s MonsterVerse Watchalong, you’re in luck: we’re having another one next week. Get ready to watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters! If anyone hasn’t joined yet, it’ll be a great jumping on point!

Header Image: Legendary

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