This 3D-Printed POKÉMON Map Brings the Game to Life

There are all kinds of ways to bring Pokémon to life these days! From Pokémon GO to life-size Poké-pillows and even Pokémon ASMR, the fun never ends. But now, there’s a whole new method to experience nostalgic Pokémon goodness… And that’s through the magic of 3D printing. TikTokker Adam Blake is on a mission to 3D print Pokémon Yellow‘s entire game map. We can’t wait to see how this 3D-printed Pokémon map turns out!

For those unfamiliar, Pokémon Yellow was part of the first generation of Pokémon games. However, it more closely resembled the Pokémon anime than Pokémon Red or Blue. Blake began his quest to 3D print the Pokémon map in the same place a player’s quest begins, Pallet Town.

Blake shares that his process started with a simple screenshot. He then imported that image into a software called Blender. Blender is a free and open-source program that allows users to 3D design a model. Blake took his time and created a printable object for every map element. He captures everything from grass blades to buildings. And the result is uncanny! A mini Pallet Town in the palm of his hand. But this was only the first part of the 3D-printed Pokémon map adventure. Naturally, you have to print ’em all!

3D Printed Pokémon Map Pallet Town and Pallet Town image from the Pokémon game


And that’s exactly Blake’s plan. After the success of Pallet Town, Blake decided to print the whole Pokémon map. He’s been keeping everyone updated on his progress through TikTok. As he goes, he offers glimpses of new elements. For example, he’s included little villagers in his print.

Currently, Blake has half-completed his 3D-printed Pokémon map, now painted gold! The effect is truly impressive. Especially cool is the way Blake captures the perspective element of the map. Just like in the game, its details change as a viewer “zooms” in and out.


3D printing the whole map! Finished STLs and half way done printing #3dprinting #pokemon

♬ Pokémon Theme - Pokemon

Those interested can purchase a piece of the 3D-printed Pokémon map from Blake’s online shop. The full map STL files are also available, in case you want to print your own!

All we need now are a handful of mini 3D-printed Pokémon to complete the experience.

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