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This Freaky Acoustic Cover of Toto’s ‘Africa’ Is Blessed AF

If there’s one good omen in this world, it’s the internet producing another fantastic cover of Toto’s painfully catchy classic, “Africa.” This time around, we have Russian guitarist and composer, Alexander Misko playing a “freaky acoustic guitar” version of the earworm. The cover is an absolute delight and all we can say is BLESS THE RAINS!


Laughing Squid picked up on Misko’s cover, which will now be added to the glorious, and growing collection of ‘Africa’ covers. Other covers include this version, in which tesla coils played. As well as this one, which the real Toto made to help everyone through 2020.

As for Misko’s personal take, we love it. Although the incredible lyrics of the original are missing—”Hoping to find some old forgotten words” indeed—Misko’s skills more than make up for it. Instantly, we feel transported to a safari in Africa, where we’re in a very tall Jeep that keeps us away from snakes.

Guitarist Alexandr Misko plays his guitar in front of a river and homes.

Alexander Misko

Misko’s video, likewise, is a nice, tall glass of soothing auditory inputs. Misko doesn’t reveal the location he used in the video, but we’re guessing it’s some river or lake in Russia. Or, perhaps, Heaven on Earth?

The guitarist refers to himself as “a dazzling new breed” of fingerstyle guitarists. At only 22 years old, Misko has made several television appearances and has said that he’s played shows all over the world.

Guitarist Alexandr Misko plays his guitar in front of a river and homes.

Alexander Misko 

For those now in the mood for even more “Africa,” we recommend you travel out to the Namib desert. Apparently, the song is playing on a “forever” loop there. We can only imagine how hearing that song in that location would spark some kind of spiritual awakening. But, then again, you could go see a Toto show live, because the band’s still touring?! (See, the new cover was a good omen.)

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