Famous Characters Are Sorted by Colors in These Fun Fan Pictures

Have you ever wondered why certain fictional characters have the specific costume or alien skin tone they do? If there’s any particular significance beyond the obvious? Characters like Daredevil, Hellboy, and Darth Maul are red because they’re based on traditional depictions of the devil, of course, just as ninja turtles are green, and friendly ghosts are white because, well, reptiles and sheets.

Via io9, however, French artist Linda Bouderbala has grouped some popular characters from film, comics, and more into teams based on their principal color. By looking at them, all we can figure out is that each team seems to have a pretty good balance of characters, from the super-strong to the comically clumsy.

Sorry, Luke Skywalker, “Red 5” was just a call sign. Pick a Jedi cloak color and stick with it if you want in on one of these teams.

When it comes to good and evil, things aren’t as black and white as you may have expected.

…although the way Joker’s hiding his outfit here, we suspect Team Purple tried to draft him first and he’s just ducking Thanos.

Orange you glad for nuance?

The artist was selling prints online, but appears to be sold out as of this publication. Be sure to keep an eye on her Instagram for more, including the occasional heads-up when additional prints are available.

Which color has the winning line-up? Tell us what you think in comments.

Featured Image: Linda Bouderbala/Tictail

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