Video Counts Down Every Single STAR WARS Creature Ever

There is no film franchise in history with as many different species of alien critters as the Star Wars saga. Ever since we first saw a Krayt dragon skeleton in A New Hope, we knew this was a universe with many incredible creatures populating it. But no one has ever properly counted just how many pop up in the various movies until now. The official Star Wars Kids YouTube channel has now uploaded a video which counts down every single wild varmint we see in the live-action films, and in chronological timeline order. And the sheer amount of them might surprise you.

From the Tatooine rontos in The Phantom Menace to the crystal foxes from The Last Jedi, the video above chronicles them all. And lets you know what some of these things are even called. The video only shows creatures of the non-sentient variety, for the record. Just creatures you’d call animals. So no Ithorian hammerheads or Ewoks from Endor anywhere. In Star Wars parlance, all of those guys are people. And no creatures from any of the animated series like Clone Wars, Rebels or Resistance either. If they did, this video would be much longer than it is now. All of the cartoons doubled down on the amount of weird galactic beasts we encountered.

We are not sure yet what kind of strange alien beasts will appear in The Rise of Skywalker, but expect this list to grow significantly by the time that movie gets released. Because we know where there are desert planets in Star Wars, there are always unique critters to go with it. And if the they start counting creatures that turn up in future live-action series like The Mandalorian? Then we will definitely be going into triple digits the next time they make a video like this one!

Images: Lucasfilm

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