Every Easter Egg We Found in MOON KNIGHT’s Final Episode

Moon Knight wrapped up its six-episode run with an action-packed romp. And in true MCU form, there was no lack of Easter eggs in Moon Knight‘s final episode. From long-teased characters to a new Marvel Comics-inspired hero to yet another QR code. Here are all the secrets hidden inside Moon Knight’s sixth episode. Beware, Travelers of the Night, here be spoilers.

Of course, the main Easter egg from this Moon Knight episode comes in the form of one Jake Lockley, which fans have been anticipating all season. Lockley’s appearance is brief but doesn’t disappoint. While he harkens back to his Marvel Comics version, it’s clear the MCU’s Lockley is all his own. And this new character doesn’t shy away from spilling blood. Not to mention, he’s still under Khonshu’s employ. We can’t wait to see how that pans out.

Jake Lockley in the Moon Knight MCU post-credits scene
Marvel Studios

Another character whose MCU future looks bright is Layla El-Faouly. In Moon Knight‘s final episode, we see her transform into the Scarlet Scarab. Although, again, a very different Scarlet Scarab than we’ve met in the comics. But this Moon Knight Easter egg definitely gives its origins a nod. When it comes to Layla, we have to ask, why create an awesome hero for only one episode? We have no doubt Layla will reappear before we know it.

Layla El-Faouly as the Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight's final episode
Marvel Studios

Aside from the big things, Moon Knight‘s swan song (for now) has many other nudges and nods. It winks at the comics, at itself, and at the fans. We especially love seeing the two goldfish swimming happily in their tank, representing the peace that Marc Spector and Steven Grant have found with one another. We want good things for those two. Although, realistically, in the MCU, peace doesn’t ever last very long.

Moon Knight's two fish from its final episode (1)
Marvel Studios

Where the show goes from here is anyone’s guess. But we’ll certainly enjoy savoring every last nuance, detail, and Easter egg Moon Knight can offer.

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