Hidden QR Code in MOON KNIGHT’s Premiere Offers Free Full Comic

We love MCU Easter eggs so much you’d think we’re the Easter Bunny’s dorky cousin. You know, the one who owns every comic book and sees Mephisto in every corner? But we make no apologies for it. Diving deep down into Marvel’s past for fun nods and tributes is a big part of the fun anytime we get a new movie or episode. And the debut of Moon Knight on Disney+ was no different. And one of the premiere’s coolest secret bonuses actually gives something back to the avid fan. One keen viewer checked a QR code that appeared at Steven Grant’s museum. And to everyone’s surprise and delight, this Moon Knight QR code hides a surprise. It opens a free digital edition of Moon Knight‘s first-ever appearance in Marvel Comics 1975 Werewolf By Night #32.

The cover page for Marvel Comics' 1975 Werewolf By Night #32, which marks the first appearance of Moon Knight
Marvel Comics

Reddit user Goalless scanned the QR code seen in Moon Knight‘s first episode. On the surface, it appeared to simply be a real part of the real museum the show filmed in. Instead, it’s actually a link to a Marvel webpage that has the entirety of the 1975 comic that marked Moon Knight‘s debut.

If you’d like to see the discovery (which we first learned about at Collider) you don’t have to get out your phone and screengrab the QR code from Moon Knight. You can find the free 20-page digital comic at this link. Written by Doug Moench, Werewolf By Night #32 first published August 1, 1975. This is the comic’s official synopsis from Marvel:

In the light of the moon, the Werewolf battles a mysterious stalker known as Moon Knight. But how did Moon Knight come to possess his silver weaponry? After a crowd begins to gather, the battle is postponed. For three nights in a row, it’s Jack Russell vs. Moon Knight!
Oscar Isaac;s Steven Grant talks to a young girl in front of a mummy sarcophagus on Disney+'s Moon Knight from Marvel. In the background we see Moon Knight's Easter egg QR code.
Marvel Studios

While this is one of the better Marvel Easter eggs we’ve seen in a while, it might be even better than we realize. Werewolf by Night himself is coming to Marvel with a Halloween special. Gael Garcia Bernal will play the hairy monster. And if he walks by any QR codes we promise we’ll be checking them ourselves. That will always be part of our Easter egg hunts from now on.

If you want to get the full QR code experience, the code appears at around the five-minute mark of Moon Knight‘s first episode. Happy hunting.

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