What MOON KNIGHT’s Post-Credits Character Jake Lockley Means for the MCU

Like all good MCU properties, Moon Knight gives fans a final tease with its post-credits scene. And in true form, this scene introduces us to a new character that both casts new light on what we’ve already seen in the show and gets us thinking about what’s next for the MCU. Keen Moon Knight fans will already have guessed that Jake Lockley was lurking somewhere in the background of the show.

But who is Jake Lockley? And what does his appearance tell us about Moon Knight’s future in the MCU as a whole? Here’s everything we know about this new Marvel character.

Who Is Moon Knight‘s Jake Lockley?
Jake Lockley in the Moon Knight MCU post-credits scene
Marvel Studios

As far as the MCU’s Moon Knight series is concerned, we don’t know too many of the specifics about Jake Lockley yet. But we do know some important information. Mainly, that Jake Lockley is Marc Spector’s third alter. However, while Marc and Steven Grant have acknowledged and accepted one another throughout Moon Knight‘s episodes, Jake Lockley remains unknown to them both.

There’s one character, however, that knows full well of Jake Lockley’s existence, and that’s the Egyptian god Khonshu. Although Khonshu “released” Marc and Steven from his service, according to his promise, in Moon Knight‘s final episode, he made no such promise regarding Jake Lockley. And it doesn’t seem like Jake wishes very much to be free.

We’ve been teased about Jake Lockley’s presence from the start of the MCU show. According to Moon Knight cinematographer Gregory Middleton, the Lockley breadcrumbs have been there since episode one. He shares, “There’s a shot of a [split] of mirrors and there’s this barely third reflection.” Clever!

Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley appearing in the mirror during Moon Knight's first episode
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But Jake Lockley has done more than just appear in mirrors. He’s clearly the most destructive of Marc Spector’s alters. We see Marc and Steven both black out across the series, only to wake up to bloody carnage around them that neither one of them caused. Middleton shared of episode three’s murder spree, “Mohamed [Diab] really wanted it to be the Jake of it all, like, who did this other crime? This guy is obviously brutal.” And, of course, while Marc and Steven traverse the MCU’s Duat or realm of the dead, they hear ominous thumping from a sarcophagus that haunts them.

Interestingly, in Moon Knight episode five, some alter of Marc Spector yells, “You’re gonna release that monster, he’s gonna destroy everything.” Indicating that maybe on some level, Jake Lockley’s presence is known. But it’s not presently on a conscious one.

All of this brings us to Moon Knight‘s post-credits scene from its final episode. A mysterious figure wheels Arthur Harrow out of a psychiatric hospital and into a white limo. Inside the car sits none other than Khonshu, who gleefully introduces Jake Lockley into the world of the MCU. Khonshu reveals that though Marc Spector and Steven Grant believe he is gone from their lives, he definitely is not.

Jake Lockley has only a couple of lines to deliver in Moon Knight. As the show comes to end, he tells Arthur Harrow/Ammit in Spanish, “Today is your turn to lose.” And bang, bang, bang. A chilling introduction into Marvel’s world.

Jake Lockley in Marvel Comics

Jake Lockley might be a new MCU addition, but fans eager for more Moon Knight can get to know him via the comics. Interestingly, Marvel Comics’ Jake Lockley isn’t specifically known for being overly violent. Instead, he works in concert with Moon Knight‘s other alters to fulfill Moon Knight‘s mission.

In the Moon Knight comics, Lockley is a taxi cab driver in New York City and has his ear out for criminal activity and information on the street level. He knows New York City and its ins and outs very well and that’s a huge boon. At the initial time of Lockley’s introduction, he was more of a persona than an alter, but this evolved over time. Should Lockley continue on in the MCU, it will be interesting to see if his comic roots play a role.

Moon Knight‘s SPKTR License Plate
Moon Knight SPKTR license plate from the post-credits scene (1)
Marvel Studios

For now, we get a fun Marvel Comics Easter egg in Moon Knight‘s post-credits scene. Jake Lockley’s SPKTR license plate comes right out of Moon Knight, Vol. 7 #1. It’s always fun to see our favorite illustrated details and moments come to life on the screen.

Moon Knight’s Post-Credits Scene and MCU Future
Moon Knight's two fish from its final episode (1)
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Of course, Jake Lockley’s reveal opens up Moon Knight to return to the MCU with a vengeance. Interestingly, Moon Knight had few other overt MCU ties. We didn’t see any familiar characters appear. The most we really got was a nod at Madripoor. So how Marc Spector will fit in with the rest of the Marvel Universe remains to be seen.

But now we seem to have options available. Could Jake Lockley’s Moon Knight actually return as a villain? He and Khonshu seem to have their own agenda. And if so, could we see them side with darkness instead of light? Or, could we instead see Jake Lockley reconcile with Marc and Steven? If the three of them worked together, it would offer a more comics-inspired root for the franchise to take.

We also have to wonder whether Marc and Steven can still have access to their Moon Knight/Mr. Knight powers at all, given that they decided to no longer act as Khonshu’s avatars. How will all these characters get to meet the rest of the MCU heroes, if they ever do?

We feel like Layla El-Faouly will return as the Scarlet Scarab. But only time will tell where Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley and Khonshu will find themselves as far the MCU is concerned.

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