Disneyland Paris’ New Ticket System Lets You Pay to Skip Line

From 1955-1982, Disney theme parks had a different kind of ticketing system than they do today. Back in the day, park guests paid a smaller entrance fee, but also paid for tickets for individual attractions. The top-shelf attractions were called “E-tickets.” So a Pirates of the Caribbean was an E-ticket, and the King Arthur Carrousel was not. Disney eventually switched up the system, creating one ticket to get into the park which covered every attraction. And it’s remained that way ever since. But a new version of that old system is making a comeback.

The term E-ticket still remains among Disney Parks fans, as a way of referring to the best rides and attractions. But now, according to Gizmodo, it appears that a version of the old E-tickets system is coming back again. This time, to Disneyland Paris first. But it will have a new name, “Disney Premier Access.” This new system will also replace their version of FastPass, a system most Disney Parks have been using successfully for years now.

The Disney character stand before Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland Paris.

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So how does this all work? Say you wanted to go on the new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance when it opens in Disneyland Paris. But you’d rather not wait in a long line. Instead of the free FastPass system, you can now pay to skip the line. Guests will pay about €8 ($9.50) and €15 ($18), depending on the attraction. Disneyland MaxPass and Walt Disney World’s FastPass+ were similar examples of paying more to get extra perks, but those were add-ons to existing free services.

This all sounds more like how Universal Studios does Halloween Horror Nights. You can get a regular admission to the event, and stay in long lines all night. Or, you pay more and jump to the front of the line. Of course, this creates a class system with the park guests, with certain wealthier guests paying more for the privilege of not having to stand in a long line with the regular folks. So far, there is no news on Disney Premier Access coming to Disneyland or Walt Disney World — yet. The only other park getting this new system is Shanghai Disneyland. But we imagine it’s at least on the table. We expect more news in the months and years ahead.

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