There’s a DETECTIVE PIKACHU Gif for Every Mood

The Detective Pikachu trailer took the internet by storm the moment Ryan Reynolds shared it on social media.

From the Pokémon themselves to all of the hidden details in the background, no one was prepared for their first look at live-action Ryme City and its inhabitants. Every shot feels like a love letter to the franchise, with recognizable Pokémon like Mr. Mime and Jigglypuff front and center, to the lesser known, like the Emolga gleefully watching the food stand crowds. Pikachu himself is almost unbelievably sassy and adorable. He’s also the ideal reaction gif to just about anything.

Use Pikachu and friends for the perfect response on social media or just watch your favorite moments over and over again in HD gif glory with the official Detective Pikachu GIF collection.

Catchphrase? Check. Adorable? CHECK:

You can really espresso yourself with this one of Jigglypuff (we’ll see ourselves out):

Send this one to your BFF when they need a smile:

Us cautiously watching the Detective Pikachu trailer for the first time:

…Okay, this Bulbasaurs one isn’t really a reaction, just awesome:

And the internet’s collective reaction to the upcoming film:

Detective Pikachu opens on May 11, 2019. The film is produced by Legendary, Toho, Universal, and Warner Bros.

Are you excited for Detective Pikachu? Show us your reaction GIF in the comments.

All Images: Warner Bros. / Legendary

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