DeLorean’s 2040 Concept Car Is Ready to Go Back to the Future

DeLorean Motor Company is back in business, announcing new vehicles for the first time in over 40 years. And of course they come with some of the styling we know and love from the Back to the Future trilogy’s time travel device. The Omega 2040 is a concept car that looks a lot like a spaceship version of the classic DeLorean. But on monster truck wheels. Or maybe they’re more like a Mars rover. It’s a two-seater four-wheel drive electric vehicle. There are solar panels on a large black windshield that runs over the top of the car and connects to the rear window. Like the DeLorean at the end of Back to the Future, this concept car looks like it could fold its wheels right up and fly away. 

The DeLorean Omega 2040 concept car has large tires, a silver body, and a black windscreen with solar panels
DeLorean Motor Company

DesignTAXI brought this beast to our attention and has a bunch more photos of the concept car. As does Yanko Design. Somehow not one of them shows whether or not the Omega 2040 has those iconic gull-winged doors though. We’ll just have to punch the year 2040 into the time machine to see if it’s for sale and take one for a test drive. Check out more images of the car here.

DeLorean also announced the Alpha 5, which looks more like the classic 80s car. Gull-wing doors and all. It debuted at a fancy car show recently but won’t be ready to buy until 2024. Another concept car in the lineup is the Plasmatail, which sounds like Pokémon but actually looks to be a hatchback version of the Alpha 5.

If you’re not interested in owning a luxury car, there are Playmobil and  LEGO versions of the classic DeLorean. And also Gigawatt, a Transformer/DeLorean/time machine combination keeping all of space and time safe from Biff Tannen and his relatives. 

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