BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean LEGO Set Includes All Three Film Versions

Great Scott! LEGO’s newest set doesn’t need roads. It just needs you to decide how exactly you want to build it. The company’s newest—and greatest—take on Back to the Future‘s Time Machine offers three different ways to recreate Doc Brown’s iconic DeLorean in LEGO form. That way you can celebrate every film from the trilogy.

Three different builds of Doc Brown's DeLorean from LEGO's Back to the Future Time Machine Set

LEGO has announced its new 1872-piece Back to the Future collectible, which is really three DeLorean in one set. Standing 5-inches high, 8-inches wide, and 14-inches deep, it has three different designs. It can resemble how it looked in the original film. That version includes the lightning conductor that helped send Marty McFly back to 1985. If you prefer the flying version of the car from Part II you can fold-down the tires so it can soar high above Hill Valley. Or you can build yours to resemble it’s appearance in Part III. That model of the car is outfitted with electronic parts from 1955 that brought the franchise to the Old West.

All three LEGO designs in the set also boast the DeLorean’s signature gullwing doors. And every version includes travel dates printed on the dashboard, interchangeable license plates (which include the famous OUTATIME plate) and the most important item of all, a flux capacitor. And this set is so authentic the flux capacitor lights up. So to be safe don’t ever get your LEGO DeLorean up to 88 mph. You might lose it in the past. Or the future.

Bonus extras include new minifigures of Marty and Doc, a display stand, the famous pink hoverboard, banana, plutonium case, and more.

LEGO's Back to the Future DeLorean with all of its extra on display in front of it

LEGO’s 3-in-1 Back to the Future Time Machine ($169.99) will be available in the future. But fortunately the not-to-distant future. You can get yours on April 1, 2022. No fooling. Well, at least in this timeline. It’s hard to know what LEGO Biff has been up to in any alternate ones.

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