Gemologist Cracks Open Rock, Finds Cookie Monster’s Face

Gemologist Lucas Fassari found something phenom-nom-nom-nomenal in September of last year: an agate stone with innards that look like the face of Sesame Street‘s beloved puppet, Cookie Monster. Below are images of the creamy blue stone, which may or may not put you in the mood for something crunchy.

Agate that looks like Cookie Monster's face

Mike Bowers

TODAY reported on Fassari’s discovery, which he presented to the internet in a Facebook video (immediately below). Fassari, who we can only imagine recognized the resemblance immediately, popped the rock open for people to see alongside the “C is for Cookie” song. You know, that classic Sesame Street ditty that has more than 35 million views on YouTube.

Like other agates, this one consists of chalcedony and quartz as its primary components. Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite. And it’s what makes up that sweet grill in Cookie Monster’s mouth.

Facebook / Mike Bowers

Fassari, who found the rock in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil, says that there are a lot of extremely interested buyers for the Cookie Monster stone. Apparently the gemologist has already received five $10,000 offers for the rock. Fassari also told the Daily Mail that ‘This [agate] is very unusual! There are a few famous agates out there… there are many approximate ones but rare to find clear well defined like that.”

Moving forward, it’s unclear if Fassari plans to sell his precious stone. But that doesn’t matter anyway. Not only due to its price, but also the fact that people can hunt down agates anywhere there’s ancient lava. Granted, they may not find one that looks like a Sesame Street character. Still, people can appreciate these pictures while eating a big ol’ bag of super-delicious cookies. Because it’s the tasty treats themselves that really rock, right? Anyway, here’s “C for Cookie”:

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