People Are Putting Their Cats on the CAPTAIN MARVEL Poster and It’s Flerken Fantastic

Captain Marvel might be the star of her own record-breaking movie, but another character in particular is just as aww-inspiring: Goose the Cat. Nick Fury couldn’t resist the cute kitty, and neither can the rest of the world! A new meme has popped up on Twitter as Captain Marvel fans put their own cats in a starring role on the movie’s poster. And it is Flerken fantastic.

The viral Photoshop trend started in Korea with the hashtag #캡틴마블_우리집구스 , which can be loosely translated as #CaptainMarvel_GooseAtOurHouse. Goose starred in his own movie poster for the Marvel blockbuster, and proud pet owners were inspired to put their own loyal sidekicks in the spotlight. The result is just as spectacular as any Marvel movie.

And it’s not just cats that are getting the starring role.

The trend has even made its way to other countries, as Captain Marvel fans worldwide can’t resist joining in the fun.

Goose the Cat is obviously a new hero for the ages. If you can’t get enough of the famous feline, you can watch one of the four cats behind the character for an hour thanks to this livestream direct from Marvel.

What is your pet’s superpower? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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