Watch CAPTAIN MARVEL’s Goose the Cat for an Hour

Based on the first reactions to the film, our instincts about Captain Marvel seem to have been proven totally right. No, we are not talking about how it looks to be another great entry into the MCU, or even that Carol Danvers will be one of the greatest superheroes in the franchise. We’re talking about how her feline friend Goose totally steals the movie. The Marvelous kitty is primed to be one of the movie’s biggest breakout stars, possibly the greatest animal friend in the all the MCU (non-talking Raccoon division). And it seems like the studio knows how much Goose content we are going to crave, because right now they are holding their greatest live-streaming event ever. They’re showing the super cat doing totally normal cat things, and we’ve never been more fascinated watching so little happen.

Thousands of people are happily watching Goose do nothing more than take naps, walk around, and occasionally chase a laser. That might not sound all that epic, but thanks to a pounding, intense score, and a countdown clock that tells you when Goose will go “somewhere new,” it somehow feels like the fate of the entire world depends on how sleepy an adorable ginger cat is at any given moment.

We’re not going to tell you how long we have been watching this because it’s probably embarrassing, but we will admit that when Goose ran out of the main shot and had to be coaxed back with a laser pointer it was riveting. And if we’re this excited to watch Goose get some rest, how good is Captain Marvel going to be? We already had high hopes for it before, but if a live-stream of its main cat doing nothing other than be a cat has us this emotionally invested in the story, what’s gonna happen when things actually start happening to people?

Our instincts say it’s going to be pretty good.

Featured Image: Marvel

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