BIRDS OF PREY Is Coming to VOD Early

Amid these trying times that the world is currently going through, there have been a few unexpected bright spots. A new one appeared yesterday in the form of news that Birds of Prey is coming to VOD early, arriving on Tuesday, March 24!

It all happened after Universal revealed their plans to move recent first-run movies like The Hunt and The Invisible Man to VOD. After that news dropped, Birds of Prey director Cathy Yan suggested on Twitter that she wouldn’t mind seeing her stunning superhero flick head to streaming early. Soon after, Warner Bros. revealed that the awesome female-led flick would be heading to VOD services next week.

If you’ve yet to fall in love with Birds of Prey then you’re in luck, as the badass R-rated comic book flick is a total joy. Filled with incredible action, charming characters, and a girl gang that anyone would want to be a part of, Birds of Prey is a true gem that will inspire you to survive, thrive, and eat a lot of delicious egg sandwiches during the current crisis!

Margot Robbie smiling wide as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey

Warner Bros.

Over on her Twitter, Yan reacted with excitement at the news sharing the message:

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As big fans of Yan and her spectacular movie, we have to agree!

Though Birds of Prey was relatively low budget for a superhero movie and performed to the same standards as other films with a similar box office, the film was seen as a slight disappointment for Warner Bros. (partially given the trend of Marvel’s films making a billion dollars at the box office).

Hopefully his decision will introduce the Birds of Prey to a whole new audience and see it follow in the footsteps of other cult masterpieces like Scott Pilgrim and True Romance, by making a ton of money during its home video release.

Feature Image: Warner Bros.

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