The Best Commercials from Super Bowl LIII

Millions of football fans around the globe tuned in to this year’s Super Bowl to watch the Patriots beat the Rams, but millions of others tuned in for a very different reason: to watch the commercials. Seeing the big budget promos is as much a part of the day as much as the game. Which ones will we remember long after the final whistle? These are favorites from this year.


The MCU kicked things off before the game with a new, Leftovers-esque Endgame teaser, which would have been enough for us, but then we also got a new promo for Captain Marvel, making us the big winners of the day.

Bud Light….and Game of Thrones!

Bud Light got off to a great start with its anti-corn syrup ads, even if corn farmers are reeeeally angry about it. The highlight of the beer distributors’ day, though, was when one of their commercials suddenly turned into a Game of Thrones promo starring The Mountain and Drogon. It was a total shock, especially when the Bud Knight had his head crushed, making his the first big death of season eight. Here’s the extended version if you haven’t seen it.


This clever commercial with an ageless Jason Bateman landed at the right level of funny.

Stella Artois

It’s weird to see Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude drinking anything other than their iconic drinks, but we’ll take any excuse to see either character again.


Want us to remember your commercial? Just put a bunch of people we really like in it, like this Pepsi commercial with Stece Carell, Cardi B, and Lil Jon.


Can we get an extended version of this Olay “Killer Skin” horror movie parody with Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Xbox Adaptive Controller

If this Microsoft commercial didn’t make you cry then you didn’t see it. And in case you needed an extra long sob today, here’s the extended version.


We hope whoever thought to put together Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys got a promotion. We loved it, but we’re really grateful for this extended version.


This SimpliSafe commercial about how everything is terrible really spoke to us.

Avocados from Mexico

We laughed at Avocados from Mexico’s dog show spoof with Kristin Chenoweth, but its full version is even better.


Lots of robots in this year’s commercial crop, but this Pringles ad had the simplest and funniest joke about the limits of our future overlords.


Sometimes you just really want a nut… and you also want a sentient peanut with a monocle to destroy a city in the process of bringing one to you.


Not the best Budweiser commercial ever, but it did have this doggo and a green energy message so it makes the list.


Hook this Alexa commercial to our veins. Also, hey Hollywood, put Harrison Ford in a straight comedy, you cowards.


Audi’s electric car commercial starts off like an epic movie before taking a very funny twist, and both elements work perfectly.


The cellphone carrier had a good night with a series of funny ads. The best really captured the biggest struggle of being an adult: deciding on dinner. And it ends with free tacos!

NFL 100

The most exciting football event of the night came in this NFL 100 commercial, where the game’s greatest players couldn’t help themselves at a fancy gala.

Dietz Nuts

An obvious joke can still be funny, especially when Craig Robinson is the one making it.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Ah, good, we were hoping to be absolutely terrified during a big party full of chicken wings and beer, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark definitely made us just that. You can see all of the show’s mini trailers here.

Jordan Peele

Julian Edelman was Super Bowl LIII’s MVP, but Jordan Peele was the big winner of the day. Not only did he drop a new trailer on Reddit for Us, he starred in a fantastic promo for his Twilight Zone revival, as well as a new Toy Story 4 teaser.

In a game where two high-powered offenses combined for the fewest points in Super Bowl history, it’s only fitting we got a commercial for The Twilight Zone.

Featured Image: HBO

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