RICK AND MORTY Invaded by Pringles in New Commercial

For millions of football fans the NFL’s big game is about seeing two great teams vie for sports immortality and the ultimate title of champion. But for everyone else the day is just an excuse to hang out with friends, eat too much food, and watch some very expensive commercials. Unfortunately, many of those promos will disappoint. But this year we know at least one that won’t. Everyone’s favorite grandfather and grandson duo in the infinite universes will appear in a new Pringles ad. And it’s definitely an ad, no matter how much Rick and Morty want to pretend it isn’t.

Pringles has already released its commercial for this year’s Super Bowl. You can expect to see it on everyone’s “best of” lists next Monday, because it’s not just a great promo. It also works as its own Rick and Morty short.

It starts with Rick and Summer in their own world watching a Pringles ad ( insert the Inception “brahm”) about “stacking” different flavored chips. That leads to a funny meta joke about how the company pays a lot less than you’d expect to be in its commercials. An unusually happy, fast-speaking Morty then interrupts them. He’s carrying lots of different Pringles cans which he then uses to put together his own flavor combo stack.

But he can’t fool Rick, who recognizes something is wrong. “Get him!” he screams as tackles his grandson. We then learn Morty is really a robot and Rick and Summer are trapped in a commercial. Rick discovers a Pringles sign hidden beneath the wallpaper. “They must have taken us in our sleep,” Rick screams at his granddaughter, “They warned me this would happen and I didn’t listen!” By then it’s too late, as an army of Pringles eating Morty-bots overwhelms the both of them.

So, you know, a pretty normal day in the Smith house.

But Rick should have seen this coming. Literally. Pringles released a short teaser for this ad already. It featured a classroom full of robot Mortys learning all about stacking their flavors.

The longer you stare at those robot Mortys the creepier they become.

This is not the first time Rick and Morty have sold out agreed to do a commercial. Previously Rick forced a sleeping Morty to be in ads for both Burger King and Old Spice. (Curiously both of those ads have been officially pulled from the internet. You’ll have to (easily) find them on your own.)

This time though the tables were turned on Rick. He’s the one thrust into a commercial he wanted no part of. Or so he claims. Pringles has also already announced their new “Pickle Rick” flavored chips. They launch on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2.

Rick has a pretty cozy relationship with a company he supposedly didn’t agree to shill for.

He might be the smartest man in any universe, but we’re not stupid. He signed up for this ad. Not that we’re complaining, though. This is a funny commercial based on one of our favorite shows. It could be the best part of Super Bowl Sunday.

Featured Image: Adult Swim/Pringles

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