STAR WARS, STAR TREK, the MCU, and More Star in Walmart Ad

Who are you watching the big game with this weekend? Friends? Family? That weird guy from your office who is ALWAYS eating almonds? Well we’re spending our day with some of the most iconic characters in pop culture history. But don’t worry, you are too. A whole lot of very famous figures are showing up in Walmart‘s first ever Super Bowl ad, and this collection of beloved characters from should make for one hell of a party.


THR reports a 30-second Super Bowl ad this year will run you $5.6 million dollars. That’s too steep for most companies, but obviously not for the deep-pocketed Walmart. Its first foray into big game advertising is a 60-second spot. But they didn’t just dole out big money for one famous spokesperson or IP to sell their free curbside pickup service. This promo is jam-packed with well-known characters and ships from film and television. That’s underselling it though. Some of the biggest franchises in the world appear in this spot.

There are 12 pop culture references here, some more obvious than others. If you want to try and find them all on your own, do that now before you can continue. All are listed below this extended version of the commercial. (If you want to challenge yourself though, don’t watch it first. It features a full look at one of the harder to spot characters from the shorter version.)


Think you spotted them all? Let’s find out.

First we see both the Enterprise from Star Trek and a spaceship from The LEGO Movie enter Earth’s orbit. Later we learn Wyldstyle and Benny are flying it (though they don’t sound quuuuuite right). They’re followed by the Guardians of the Galaxy flying down in the Benatar. Next, Sam Jones returns in his iconic role as Flash Gordon. He arrives flying a Rocket Cycle and is accompanied by a fleet of Hawkmen.

Toy Story‘s Buzz Lightyear then goes to infinity and beyond into the Walmart parking lot. A car from Men in Black follows. It’s “Pug Lyfe” license plate hints at whose behind the wheel. Later we learn Frank is picking up coffee for the Annelids (a.k.a. Worms) riding in the back. Then not one but two versions of Alex Winter’s Bill S. Preston, Esq. from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure arrives. (We expect to see something similar in the third movie.) Both the young and old version are very excited for their curbside pickup.

Fortunately things do not turn deadly when the aliens from Mars Attacks! arrive to get their order. While they’re picking up their groceries, Marvin the Martian can be seen departing in the background. He gets a much bigger scene in the extended version of the commercial. Our favorite gag though is when the alien ship from Arrival shows up. “Free curbside pickup” translates into any language.

The last figure to arrive at Walmart is a flying police car from Blade Runner, because you “repli-can’t” beat good service. (Sorry.) But that’s not the last reference in the commercial. They saved the best for last.

STAR WARS, STAR TREK, the MCU, and More Star in Walmart Ad_1Walmart

Star WarsR2-D2 and C-3PO are spotted lost on a desert, having arrived on the wrong world. Walmart has pockets so deep it can run a 60-second Super Bowl commercial and fill it with 12 famous IPs, but not even that company has enough money to open a store on Tatooine.

Featured Image: Walmart

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