BBC Weatherman Plays the Drums During Broadcast From Home

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, tons of non-narrative television shows across the globe are now recording their episodes from home. We’ve seen talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert and John Oliver go this route, and now news broadcasts are doing it as well. And one positive aspect of all this is seeing the so-called “talking heads” of the nightly news to show off some of their other skills. And apparently, this includes weathermen too.

One example, which we’ve learned about via BoingBoing, is a Welsh BBC weather forecaster named Owain Wyn Evans. Evans has taken to ending his segment each broadcast by giving viewers an awesome drum performance. And he doesn’t just bang out any old tune either, he actually plays his news show’s closing theme music. He even joked about the whole endeavor, saying on YouTube, “When they said try working from home, I didn’t realize they’d expect me to do the music too.”

A video of his impromptu drum session was posted to Twitter earlier this week, and got 2.5 million views in a mere 24 hours. It then received more than 24,600 retweets and some 8,200 more views on Instagram, and counting. Viewers, who already are in love with Wyn-Evans for his self described  “unapologetically flamboyant” persona, are eating it all up. One fan even commented on Twitter (via CNN) “We’re all going a bit mad, so this is just what the doctor ordered.”

We have a feeling this is going to be more than just a one-off performance. And here’s hoping we see more news anchors show off their skills in a similar manner. Maybe Don Lemon can play guitar, or Wolf Blitzer reveals he’s a mean baritone? If this quarantine isn’t the perfect opportunity to show off your all your other skills, then when will be?

Featured Image: BBC

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