John Oliver and Stephen Colbert’s Socially-Distanced Reunion

Both Stephen Colbert and John Oliver got their starts as The Daily Show fixtures before graduating to their own successful talk show gigs. And this week, both of them had a little bit of a reunion on Colbert’s The Late Show. Albeit, under less than optimal circumstances. Due to the COVID-19 guidelines we must all live under, both of these gentleman’s talk shows are being hosted from the comfort of their own homes.

You can watch this wonderful (yet socially distanced) reunion below:

John Oliver summarized what it’s like for most of us these days. He told his old buddy, “It’s a sub-optimal time to being a human being. But it’s a great time to be a dog.” Everyone who has a pooch that is beyond thrilled that their people are home 24/7 right now knows this to be true.

Colbert was the first of the late night talk show hosts to create content at home during the coronavirus quarantine, after the restrictions forced him to hit the pause button on his in-studio shows. But those first few YouTube segments were all pretty DIY. When he returned to the airwaves this past Monday, he still recorded at home but in a more polished fashion. Even if he wasn’t actually wearing any shoes or sock along with his dapper suit.

Stephen Colbert and John Oliver Have a Socially-Distanced Reunion_1


We’re so glad he showed off his lack of shoes.

Just like Colbert, John Oliver’s HBO show Last Week Tonight took a brief respite before coming back for his own “made at home” show. This is just how it’s going to have to be done for now. It’s surreal to see how even the big network late night talkers have become kind of like standard YouTube shows. Both of these hosts have risen to the occasion of these crazy circumstances. The current low-tech approach hasn’t stopped either of them from being hilarious. They’re providing much needed laughs during a very trying time.

Featured Image: CBS

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