BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN Is Getting an Animated Film

Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale is one of the best stories featuring the Dark Knight in his 80 year history. It’s right up there with Year One and The Dark Knight Returns. Now, the classic tale is getting an two-part adaption from DC and Warner Brothers Animation. The project was announced at the end of the DC FanDome panel for Superman: The Man of Tomorrow, which IGN exclusively debuted. The Long Halloween is set to come out in the summer and fall of 2021, around the same time as The Batman hits theaters.

Villains gather in Batman: The Long Halloween

DC Comics

Taking place during the early years of Bruce Wayne’s crime fighting career, this story centers on a year long murder mystery. The narrative focuses on how a serial killer takes out a victim each month, always on that month’s particular holiday. It also sets up the working relationship of Batman, James Gordon, and D.A. Harvey Dent. That aspect of the story informed Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight in a significant way.

Much like animated adaptations of both The Death of Superman, as well as The Dark Knight Returns, this story is too long to for one film. The majority of DC animated films usually get an 80 minute runtime. That wouldn’t do The Long Halloween justice. Fortunately, the powers that be are splitting this one into two films. This should ensure a faithful retelling of the original Batman graphic novel.

Justice Society of America

DC Comics

In addition, DC announced that an animated film featuring the Justice Society of America would drop in 2021. This would be the first animated movie to focus on the JSA. Called Justice Society: World War II, it looks to explore DC’s first ever superhero team in their heyday. The JSA is likely getting a movie at this moment because they are going to be a major component of the upcoming Black Adam film. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if this animated film tied into Black Adam’s continuity. It could show an early story of the JSA’s adventures during the Golden Age. Expect more news on both projects soon.

Featured Image: DC Comics

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