Baby Yoda’s Waddle Gets Its Own Tribute Video

Confession time: I was not immediately all in on Baby Yoda. I was not sold on his surprise appearance at the end of The Mandalorian‘s first episode. It’s not that I was totally cynical about the little green fella, but I was skeptical the character could work. It seemed like the whole thing might end up feeling too gimmicky. Now that the first season is over it’s safe to say I have never been more wrong about anything in my life. I love Baby Yoda more than I love most people. And more than anything else—including his incredible Force powers—I love watching him walk. His waddle is the single best thing in the entire galaxy far, far away. And that’s truly impressive cause that’s where Babu Frik lives. So it’s only fitting his tiny trot now has its own tribute video.

This short homage to Baby Yoda’s adorable gait comes from Twitter user @pirateangelbaby, and it’s great because montages don’t get more delightful than this. It also highlights just how easily the Yodaling won over every Star Wars fan. With nothing more than a little side-to-side shuffle, a robe that looks half a size too big, and the cutest face on any planet, Baby Yoda somehow ended up with a 117 percent approval rating from a fanbase that can’t agree on anything.

Seriously, no matter how you feel about The Last Jedi or The Rise of Skywalker, imagine meeting another Star Wars fan who hated Baby Yoda? You might get arrested. At the very least your whole day would be ruined, because it seems totally impossible for anyone to feel anything but total love and devotion to him. He’s like the Light Side of the Force personified. He’s wholly good and pure.

Searching “Baby Yoda” on Twitter is like finding a secret alternate, good Twitter.

Baby Yoda is so amazing he makes Twitter good. HE MAKES TWITTER GOOD!

And while everything he does is perfect (no one has ever drank soup better), his walk really is the best thing about him. Most fictional characters are lucky if people can remember their name, let alone anything else about them. But Baby Yoda’s waddle will forever live in the best part of our brains.

And to think, the first time I met him I wasn’t even sure I would like him. Though in fairness, he was only in a pod then. If he had started walking immediately I would have fallen in love with him at first meeting.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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